We acted like nothing ever happened 

Editorial, animated drawing for Michelle Se Yoon


Sixtine was asked to illustrate one of the anonymous story about sexuality that Michelle So Kee gathered for her website Learning by Doing It.

For Michelle Se Yoon Kee’s project:

1- Sixtine was given the 1mn long story

“they were young and never talked about it. They acted as if it never happened. Also they grew up in an asian household.”

2- She gave two options on how to illustrate it


3- the drafts


4- Colors Variations





5- the final animated image


Sixtine (it’s a french name, pronounced like the number 16) Blandin, is a visual designer that wishes to bring a little warmth in this cold world through projects that pleases the eyes, the brain and when possible, the stomach.

She enjoys creating animated drawings and prints, with ink and bright colors as a main techniques; but also organising workshops and events in which illustration and food are combined.

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