“golden retreat on Sihanoukville beach”


“Bloody burmese smiles”

“spits making it look like crime scenes”

“phytoplancton: swimming and feeling like a murmaid, or being on acid”


Constructive Criticism (nCC)

Self edited book,

Illustraded journey


‘non Constructive Criticism’ (nCC) is a non subjective collection of memories from a two month travel accross Korea, Cambodia, Thaïland and Myanmar. 

“God, some koreans ate a strawberry pie with chopsticks.”

“The 11am dilemma: coffee is not soo good and 2,50$, beer is 0,50c and drinkable. Choice’s quickly made.”


Sixtine (it’s a french name, pronounced like the number 16) Blandin, is a visual designer that wishes to bring a little warmth in this cold world through projects that pleases the eyes, the brain and when possible, the stomach.

She enjoys creating animated drawings and prints, with ink and bright colors as a main techniques; but also organising workshops and events in which illustration and food are combined.

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